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Designed to reduce the setup time & reduce the hosting price!

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Discover our Cloud API and platform:

Comwork Cloud automates the delivery of cloud services and allows you to host any kind of website and platform.

Comwork Cloud is a complete, fully functional, local developers or sysadmin environment on the cloud.

Comwork Cloud has been designed to reduce the setup time as well as your hosting costs:

Documentation & Additional Services

VSCode as a Service

A full dev|ops local environment on the cloud that embed our everyday tools and CLI:

WordPress as a Service

A secured and up-to-date WordPress As A service:

Matomo as a Service

Your own insight with an open source GDPR analytics compliant tool:

Portainer as a Service

Get your infrastructure to the next level using Portainer on our cloud platform:

Odoo as a Service

Your own business suite (ERP, CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management...):

Overleaf as a Service

Get your research and team to the next level using your instances of Overleaf (LaTeX collaborative platform):

Mastodon as a Service

Your own microblogging Twitter-like social network which is decentralized and opensource:

Serverless / FaaS

A light version of OpenFaaS (Faasd) running on top of containerd and allows you to deploy easily serverless functions written in several languages: