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Big Data, IoT, DevOps & Full Stack Team


DevOps & Cloud

DevOps & Cloud

SRE, Administration & Infrastructure.

IoT & Big Data

IoT & Big Data

Data Science & Embedded Programming.

Fullstack Devs

Fullstack Devs

Back and UI/UX for Web & Mobile Apps.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning & OR Optimisation.


Our team is keen to stary up to date with ever-changing technological realities.

Comwork brings together passionate multi-disciplinary engineers and researchers, and provides you with this mosaic of skills.

Modes of Collaboration

Depending on the size and type of the project :

1. Development of a new product
2. Updating or adding features
3. Handling administration and web hosting
4. Audit
Project mode
Service mode
Workshops / Training sessions
SRE / DevOps / IoT and cloud solutions as a service

A single quote for the project, broken down into modules with price and delivery times.

We're also sharing lots of open-source content such as our workshops and some parts of our services that allow you to self-host those products in your own cloud infrastructure.

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Digital Creations

From complete information systems to more simple showcase website, we takes care of your digital presence.

In the era of a digitized world, all business activities must be automated, optimized, and connected. This applies to every field from industry 4.0 to connected agriculture. Software and websites are a ubiquitous tool today: from customer communication to planning and management, or data analysis for decision-making.
  • Embedded & IoT (RaspberryPi, Arduino, ESP32)
  • Complex Information Systems (SI) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Showcase sites for companies
  • Various social platforms
  • Native mobile apps (Android / IOS)
  • E-commerce platforms
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Architecture & Administration

Apart from development, we also take care of administration, web hosting and retrospective data analysis.

Once published for use, a platform (website, application, or connected objects) meets many challenges. Maintaining operational conditions in the face of an increasing load or possible breakdowns, as well as evolution control (automation of updates and visualization of metrics on the quality of the code) are our specialties.
  • Information Systems infrastructure and management with a DevOps culture
  • Setting up the CI / CD chain (continuous integration / continuous delivery)
  • Metrics on code quality and real-time monitoring in production
  • Automation of scalable infrastructures

Discover our team

Comwork is an IT company based in Paris and founded by a team of dynamic and passionate people!
Today, Comwork brings together professionals within several new branches in Quebec (Canada), Médina (SA) and Tunis (Tunisia).

Partners & Network

Comwork has been able to build loyalty through its creations and position itself within a network of very high quality international partners

Customers & Projects

Some projects carried out by the teams of the Comwork Group

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Integration of a universal IoT platform

micro-services architecture based on Docker, Kafka and Vert.x.

  • Pairing your IoT devices
  • Providing visualizations dashboards
  • Making them communicate using configurable scenarios and services
  • Using them for various B services on the French Postal services
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Management of new production environments

  • Management of new production environments on Google Cloud Platform (and Scaleway for dev environments) based on Kubernetes, Terraform and Terragrunt.
  • Setting up Gitops with Github, TektonCD, ArgoCD and Harbor.
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Migration of IoT and web applications

  • Migration of IoT and web applications (Websocket and REST API + web fontend) from AWS EC2 to AWS EKS (Kubernetes) in order to reduce costs and better prepare for the scalability.
  • Automating the delivery of Docker containers for these applications on Kubernetes with Gitlab-ci.
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Development, design and deployment

  • Development, design and deployment of the "Europe Creative TN Desk" fund website.
  • A SpringBoot + Angular platform with several features: search engine, blog of news and events, media library, dynamic map of services, etc.