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For engineers and MSc. students & Graduates with IT experience Web and mobile development, DevOps, and Machine Learning.

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Full-stack web and mobile Engineer

Join our full-stack team and actively participate in the development of modern web platforms. From January 2023, Comwork will launch the development of several new modules and sub-applications on the Uprodit web platform (the virtual network of Tunisian freelancers: as well as on its cross-platform mobile version. This platform currently contains many features related to job search and portfolio. Modules for document management (legal, invoices, etc.), collaborative work (task boards, calendar, etc.), and online purchase of freelancing-related products are currently being designed. During this same period, we will start the development of new modules on the Tunisian platform Restore IT ( such as interactive courses, team competitions as well as social aspects (chat, blog, etc.).

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IoT & Machine Learning Engineer

Join the team and project of the “Collectif de protection de la forêt de Sidi Amor” and participate in the creation of a prototype (proof of concept) for a real-time analysis model based on the flow of connected cameras. The objective is to detect potential natural threats (fires forests, etc) and the results will be stored in a NoSQL/time-series database. This projects also focus on the creation of a web and mobile application for crisis alerts and statistical analysis of the results of the prediction model. In addition to the video stream, these results can be enriched using connected sensors (temperature, humidity, etc.). Finally, alerts can be used to automatically trigger protection mechanisms (remote watering, etc.).

  • Technologies: TensorFlow / Raspberry Pi / Python React Native / Redis / Elasticsearch
  • Types of profiles: MS.c / Engineer in Software Dev or Machine Learning
  • Keynote of the project
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DevOps & Cloud Engineer

We are looking for engineers and PFE internships to complete and train with our SRE/DevOps team: assistance and industrialization of applications for Comwork customers on the public cloud (AWS, GCP, Scaleway) via Kubernetes/Helm or well via ansible and Gitlab-ci. Tasks: (i) Observability, supervision, and monitoring in production; (ii) Automation of deliveries via docker image builds; (iii) Development of applications and scripts in Python / React to improve the comfort of our SRE teams.

  • Technologies: Python, Gitlab-ci, Ansible, Kubernetes, Helm, Portainer, Docker, AWS, GCP, Scaleway
  • Types of profiles: MS.c / Engineer DevOps & Cloud
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