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Workshops and Training

This section references the lives and resources of all the workshops we have done in the COMWORK office around DevOps and even development in general. training
We can reproduce these training sessions in person and adapt them to your context as well as on many other subjects such as :

  • Improve delivery and time to market with CI/CD: gitlab-ci, github action, tekton, etc (and on different types of environments: VMs, embedded, Kubernetes).
  • Gitops on Kubernetes with ArgoCD and FluxCD.
  • Automation of a legacy infrastructure with Ansible.
  • Doing BI or bigdata with Kibana and Grafana statistical dashboards.
  • Perform observability, supervision and monitoring of production logs with very fine analysis of correlations / transactions to find the origin of an anomaly.
  • Implement infra metrics and production alerting with notifications on Slack or Microsoft Teams.
  • Use the Elastic suite locally with Docker in any environment.
  • Use the Elastic suite in an IoT context as a basis for sensor metrics (Elastic ported to ARM architecture among others).
  • Deployment and scalability of an Elastic cluster in different types of environments (On premise, Kubernetes, etc).
  • Lots of other things we can discuss.

Contact us to organize a workshop